Sapiente is genuine knowledge in constant expansion.

Sapiente is the nourishment of genuine knowledge in constant expansion.

Get access to training and human skills on the go. Our window is open anytime, anywhere. Our e-learning platform focus on what we define as human skills. We are confident that communication and interpersonal skills can help your team achieve lifetime goals. We intend to use informal knowledge to provide the necessary motivation.

Sapiente is genuine knowledge in constant expansion.

As Human Sapients we want to promote:

Critical Thinking
We introduce you to the potential solutions to a problem while strengthening interaction between non-identical individuals. From there, you can assume a specific goal.


Don’t be afraid of reaching practical and transformative ideas. Be open to new horizons. Maybe you can press a button that could disrupt the system.


The best way to learn how to solve problems is through community and shared experiences, which help transmit knowledge from one situation to another. We intercommunicate but do not follow patterns or norms.


We should concentrate on people and their ability to cultivate a cohesive thinking environment. It requires personal responsibility to manage time and move towards goals.

About our first course

Luรญs Martins Simรตes is a very dynamic and enthusiastic person who sees the world through eyes that are not restricted by any conformity, rule, or regulation.

He often says that everything you do must be done with a soft will; a little effort and a lot of fun; but most of all with the fantastic feeling of being driven by oneโ€™s own intuition. He believes that we cannot experience long lasting happiness without being connected to our intuition. For him, the evolution of corporations depends on the ability of people to be creators and not just repeaters.

He was educated in Belgium, but quickly understood that his place would be the world, with its different cultures, its different ways of approaching leadership, motivation and communication and its different ways of performing. He is a native from Lisbon โ€“ Portugal.

This one is for you

Have you been trying so hard that it seems complicate to accept the embarrassment of failure? With our methodology and informal e-learning program, we can help you fix what is wrong. It probably wonโ€™t seem easy the first time, and you may fail again. Just deal with it! Embrace problems has they are.

As an individual or professional member of a renowned company, you will start living in Sapientia, prioritising attitudes, knowledge, and skills to focus on.

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