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Below you can find the first video from the Effectiveness, Self-Esteem and Coaching module.

Self-esteem and Effectiveness: Talent, Work and Effort

from the Effectiveness, Self-Esteem and Coaching module

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Effectiveness, Self-Esteem, and Coaching

Going beyond leadership? Can we motivate our clients or employees?

“Motivation starts when we self-observe our strengths. We cannot motivate our employees. We can only help them motivate themselves.

Human beings need to define themselves. They cannot let themselves be defined by others.
The best way to praise others is to show interest in others and get to know them.

He who has initiative and freedom is motivated.”

In this course, we are answering the questions:

– How do I recognize my client’s talents, strengths, and fragilities
– How can I teach my client to deal with what he doesn’t like about himself, his fragilities?
– How do I avoid judging my colleague or client?
– How can I invite my clients to explore their personal and professional potential?
– How should I praise someone? And when?
– How to reprimand someone? And when?
– How to deal with a reprimand?

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