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How to deal with expectations

from the Self-Leadership Topic

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Instead of perpetuating my belief system, I need to start questioning all my beliefs and filters using my ability to self-observation and self-consciousness.

To develop my self-leadership, I need to free myself from the beliefs of my clan, family, village, country, teachers, mentors, priests, monks and nuns, friends, wife and husband. By letting go of all these beliefs, the quality of my inner vibration will rise.

The first necessary condition for any leadership, be it self-leadership or leadership of corporations, is to have the ability to point out what works and what does not work. And for that, one needs the ability to synthesize.

People with no self-leadership become repeaters. Human’s natural state is to be creators.

Self-leadership is to live my life with self-esteem, humility, modesty, and simplicity, free from the gaze or criticism of others, free from the need for approval from anyone, open to new and different ideas, without fear of letting go of beliefs, thoughts and attachments that no longer work for me, on a conscious journey focused on my evolution as a person fueled by a high-quality inner vibration.

Our purpose is to see what does not work well and lacks functionality. If we do not acknowledge what does not work well, we will not be able to evolve, we will dwell in mediocrity, and we will be functioning in a very low-quality vibration.

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